It’s been five years since its first publication and now finally The Blackheart Gang are proud to present the 2nd edition of their sought after coffee table book, The Tale Of How. Get it while stock lasts!

It has been a harrowing half a decade for the gang, most of which was spent evading prosecution, assassination and in one extreme case disembowelment. The gang also focused on avoiding phone calls, specifically from the group of lawyers who represented a union of printing presses that had become sentient after the Tale Of How’s first publication. Over time the lawyers managed to cunningly back the gang into a corner, wage increases were negotiated and in the end contracts were indignantly signed. And so production began on the second addition of the legendary Tale Of How coffee table book. Get it while its available.

* A radical group who calls themselves The Anglican Ladies of Prose and Grammar attempted to disembowel the two remaining members of the gang. The ladies of that organization were driven into a maddened rage over the use of apostrophes ’s in the first publication of The Tale Of How.


Exhibition: Supermarket @ Muti Gallery

On the 19th September 2013 Ree’s Household inspired golf sticks  took part in the Supermarket Winter group show at the Muti Gallery in Cape Town.  Despite the damp and chilly weather, the opening night was a roaring success and fun was had by all. Take a look at some of the photos from the opening:

Click here to see more images of the artworks.

Sculptures: Work in Progress

Take a look at the work in progress on some new sculptures:

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